About Us

Interior Wood Protection Services is here to keep you looking good! 


We have been in the wood finishing, maintenance and service business for over 30 years and have worked with the largest custom woodwork and office furniture companies in the Bay Area.

maintenance label on folderIn the process of working with some of the most exotic woods in the world, we began to notice something was missing: building owners and their tenants were spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on wood fixtures and furniture but there was no one offering wood maintenance services. For years we were being called upon to make repairs on wood furniture and woodwork after  the damage had  already been done. That gave us the idea to do what no one else does: Preventive Woodwork Maintenance.

Preventive woodwork maintenance is the key to keeping your commercial lobby, offices, elevators and conference rooms looking their best.

By cleaning and conditioning  your wood walls, fixtures and furniture every six months, along with doing minor cosmetic repairs,  you extend the life and beauty of your woodwork.

Our professional wood maintenance services keep your minor furniture blemishes from becoming major repairs which cost you more money. Wood maintenance and service isn’t an add-on service or an after thought for us, like some of our competitors: it’s all we do. Why trust your image with anyone else, when you can get the best?