Let Your Walls Tell a Story of Beauty, Preservation and Professionalism….


Our love for wood and the environment, and a strong interest in sustaining the world’s forests led to our passion for preserving  the woodwork and furniture that comes from those forests. Routine care and maintenance greatly extends the  life of  your wood walls, panels, fixtures and furniture thereby reducing the use of this valuable resource.

As a small, flexible business with a heart and a conscience, Interior Wood Restoration Services is uniquely qualified to provide everything you need to care for your wood lobby paneling, elevator panels,  fixtures and office furniture. We can also repair or replace veneers and perform on-site wood repairs.

From cleaning, conditioning and polishing to full wood restoration and repair, we are the only wood experts you’ll ever need.

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Cosmetic Touch-Up and Repair

Natural Wood and Veneers

Nicks, scratches and gouges are professionally repaired to keep your woodwork and veneer walls, fixtures and furniture looking their best. Veneers can be repaired and replaced when necessary.

Reception area with wooden reception table

Reception area with wooden reception table

On Site Color Adjustment & Refinishing

Sun fades Woodwork and Veneer finishes

Woods like cherry, fir and some exotic veneers can sunburn and sun bleach over time when exposed to extreme sunlight. We can restore the original colors to your wood and make them look like new again.


Routine Cleaning and Conditioning

Regular maintenance keeps your woodwork looking new

Every six months we remove all dirt, scuff marks and human oils which will over time start to break down the protective coating on your wood.

wood reception desk


Green Products & Finishes that are LEED Certified

We only use environmentally friendly products.

Having woodwork maintenance and repairs performed onsite in your office, lobby or hotel shouldn’t harm your environment, customers, guests or employees. All our products are non-flammable and will not add VOCs to your space. Our cleaners are made from natural products and will leave your space free of any harmful chemicals.

Green products for wood maintenance in commercial buildings

Tenant Maintenance Services

Are you a building owner or a commercial property manager?

We can supply the same services to your tenants that we supply to you. Being able to refer your tenants to wood maintenance and restoration services will give you the edge in attracting and retaining good quality tenants.

san francisco financial district

Full Commercial Wood Restoration Services

30 years of experience at work for you.

From stripping and refinishing, to wood veneer and repair for office buildings, museums, lobbies, elevators, conference rooms, hotels and furniture, we do it all!  We offer the kind of wood working expertise and knowledge that the big guys can’t.

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