Frequently Asked Questions

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We can make just about any woodwork blemish disappear. Whether it’s a nick, scratch, gouge, paint or ink, our expert woodwork service team can get your wood fixtures, walls and furniture looking new again.

Preventive maintenance of your business’s wood fixtures, walls and furniture is the most effective way to make sure dust, dirt and heat don’t get a chance to start breaking down your wood and its protective finish.  Depending on your environmental conditions, unseen damage can start in as little as a year.  When we come in for your maintenance, we also do cosmetic touch-ups on all your nicks and scratches, making your wood walls, fixtures and look their best.


Conditioning the wood is the process of replenishing the natural oils that the clear coating and the wood lose over time. Once the finish and the wood lose their natural oils they begin to crack and the damage to your wood fixtures, walls and furniture  is irreversible.

Most building owners, commercial property managers and their tenants turn to professional woodwork service and maintenance companies to repair wood fixtures, walls and furniture when the damage becomes very noticeable or when a tenant complains. A service contract insures that your wood assets stay healthy and always looks great.

When you enter into a woodwork maintenance or service contract with us, we schedule a service date and time that fits your company schedule. We understand you have a business to run, clients to see and guests to greet, so all of our work is done at night or on the weekends.

Yes we do! We have one, two and three year woodwork maintenance contracts. The value of the longer wood maintenance contracts is that the pricing is locked in for the length of the contract, so you can plan your annual maintenance budget more accurately.  In addition, you get the benefit of no-hassle maintenance to keep your wood walls and fixtures looking their best. This can save you thousands of dollars in expensive repairs.