Is it Wood or is it Laminate?

Is it Wood or is it Laminate?


Have you noticed this trend? The laminates that are being produced now are very hard to tell from real wood. When manufacturers started trying to make laminate look like wood the product looked really bad and you could see it was fake from a mile away. I’m sure most of us had the bad memories of the desks with the cheap looking plastic finish.


This brings up a story for me about my encounter with a dining room table. My wife and I were visiting family members in a foreign country and were staying in a friend’s condo. The first night we sat down to eat dinner I noticed the dining room table which was a beautiful white washed ash with a distressed look. It had grain and texture which made it look real. As I studied it further I couldn’t tell if it was real or not. I have over 35 years of working with real wood and I couldn’t tell the difference! As I inspected the table closer there were small signs that showed me that the table was indeed a laminate and not real wood.


With the rising cost of wood and the advances in laminate technology, todays laminates are becoming more commonplace in the office environment. Designers are combining wood looking laminates with real wood to add warmth and functionality to the work space.


Tip of the Month


Your furniture top takes the most abuse of any surface in your office. These tips will keep it looking goods for years and save you expensive of refinishing or replacement.

  • Use writing pads or place mats to protect the surface. Paper clips and sharp objects can damage work surfaces.
  • Use coasters for drinks. Heat from coffee mugs can discolor surfaces. If your surface is a laminate you won’t have to worry about that.
  • Make sure plants have water containers under them and wipe up any spills right away. Standing water can cause wood delamination.


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